bOk = MTblSetMsgOffset( nOffset )

Sets the offset ( from SAM_User ) of MTM messages. The default is 100.


Number: The message offset

Boolean: TRUE if successful or FALSE if an error occurs

In this example the message offset is set to 1000:

Call MTblSetMsgOffset( 1000 )

You have to call this function before any table is subclassed in your application, otherwise it will fail.
The value of nOffset must be >= 0.
Don't forget to modify the value of the constant MTBL_MSG_OFFSET in mtbl.apl according to the offset value.
A good way to make it safe is to generally call this function on SAM_Startup with MTBL_MSG_OFFSET as parameter:
On SAM_Startup
  Call MTblSetMsgOffset( MTBL_MSG_OFFSET )

So the only thing you have to do to modify the message offset is to customize the value of MTBL_MSG_OFFSET in mtbl.apl .

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