bOk = MTblRegisterLanguage( nLanguageID, sLanguageFile )

Registers a language ID and its related language file.

Number: The language ID to register. For custom languages you should use negative values, because the built in languages have positive IDs .

String: Full path and/or the name of the language file. If no path is given, M!Table assumes that the file is in the same directory where mtblXX.dll is located.

Boolean: TRUE if successful or FALSE if an error occurs


Call MTblRegisterLanguage( -1, "" )

Languages are registered on application level, not on table level, so a language registration is valid for all tables in an application.
So you should register languages only once in an application, e.g. on SAM_AppStartup.

If the specified language ID is already registered, the registration is updated with the given language file.

If the language file doesn't exists, the function returns FALSE.

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