nRowInserted = MTblInsertChildRow( hWndTbl, nrParentRow, nOptionFlags )

Inserts a row as a child of another row.

Window Handle: Handle of the table

Receive Number: Desired parent row. If the function succeeds and the parent row was moved due to row insertion, it contains the new parent row number.
If row insertion succeeds but M!Table is unable to set the desired row as parent, it contains TBL_Error.

Number: Optional flags:


Redraws the table


The new row will be the first child of the parent row. If you don't set this flag, the new row will be the last child of the parent row.

Number: Number of the new row if a row was inserted, otherwise TBL_Error.

In this example 5 child rows are added to a parent row:

Set nParentRow = 10
Set n = 0
While n < 5
  Call MTblInsertChildRow( hWndTbl, nParentRow, MTICR_REDRAW )
  Set n = n + 1

If the parent row is not expanded, the ROW_Hidden flag is set for the inserted row.
It's not necessaray that the parent row already has child rows.
If the inserted row is the first child row of the parent row, the row flag MTBL_ROW_CAN_EXPAND is set for the parent row.
If the parent row is a part of merged rows and the inserted row is the first child row, the child row is inserted outside the merged rows.

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