bOk = MTblEnableMWheelScroll( hWndTbl, bEnable )

Enables or disables the scrolling on WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages.

Window Handle: Handle of the table

Boolean: TRUE = enable, FALSE = disable

Boolean: TRUE if succesfull or FALSE if not

If you have split rows in the table and the mouse is over the split window, the split window is scrolled.
When the list box of a drop down list column is open:
- When the mouse is over the list, the list is scrolled ( this is done by sending WM_MOUSEWHEEL to the list box )
- When the mouse is over the cell, the next/previous entry in the list is selected ( this is done by sending WM_KEYDOWN with VK_DOWN/VK_UP in wParam to the cell edit control )

In this example the scrolling is enabled:

Call MTblEnableMWheelScroll( hWndTbl, TRUE )

See also
Mousewheel scrolling

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