bOk = MTblDefineButtonColumn( hWndCol, bShow, nWidth, sText, nImage, nFlags )

Deprecated, please use MTblDefineItemButton instead.

Defines a column as a button column. That means, if a cell of a button column gets the focus, a right aligned button like this is shown:

If the user clicks the button, the message MTM_BtnClick is sent to the table.

Window Handle: Handle of the column.

Boolean: TRUE = button is visible, FALSE = button is hidden

Number: Width of the button in pixels. If you specify -1, the witdh of the button is adapted to the button's text and/or image.

String: Button text.

Number: Handle of the image to display. Specify 0 to display no image.

Number: Any combination of button flags

Boolean: TRUE if successful or FALSE if an error occurs

In this example the first column is defined as button column. The button is visible, has a dynamic width, the text is "...", has no image and the font is shared:

Call MTblDefineButtonColumn( SalTblGetColumnWindow( hWndTbl, 1, COL_GetPos ), TRUE, -1, "...", 0, MTBL_BTN_SHARE_FONT ) 

Popup edit columns are not supported.
The button definition is additional. Existing definitions ( e.g. a drop down list column definition ) remain unchanged.
For nImage you have to use handles returned by M!Image functions. Handles returned by VicPicLoad or by API functions can't be used.

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