nColHdrGrp = MTblCreateColHdrGrp( hWndTbl, sText, hWndaCols[*], nCols, nFlags )

Creates a column header group. A column header group is a "header for column headers" that has it's own text.
The following picture shows an example for a column header group:

Window Handle: Handle of the table

String: Text that shall be displayed

Array of Window Handle: Handles of the columns that shall be members of the group

Number: Number of column handles to use in hWndaCols[*]

Number: Any combination of column header group flags

Number: Handle of the group if successful or 0 if an error occurs


! We assume that the following function fills the Array and returns the number of columns in it
Set nCols = GetColHdrGrpCols( hWndTbl, hWndaCols )
Set nColHdrGrp = MTblCreateColHdrGrp( hWndTbl, "I'm a column header group", hWndaCols, nCols, 0 )

A column can't be member of more than one group at a time.
To ensure that the height of the column header is sufficiently to display a column header group, this function adds as many carriage return / line feed as necessary to the title of the member columns. If you want to set and/or get the title of a member column at runtime, you should use MTblSetColumnTitle and/or MTblGetColumnTitle.

See also
Column header groups

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