This message is sent when the table is in cell mode and the focus cell is about to change.
The focus cell may change due to one of the following circumstances:
- a navigation key ( arrows, page up/down, home/end ) was pressed
- a mouse click
- a call to MTblSetFocusCell, SalTblSetFocusCell or SalTblSetFocusRow
- a call to SalTblDeleteRow or SalTblInsertRow

Column handle of the cell which would receive the focus
Row number of the cell which would receive the focus

If a value != 0 is returned, the cell will not receive the focus

The message is not sent when the table enters editing mode, e.g. because the user clicked into an editable cell or SalTblSetFocusCell was called.
When navigating with the arrow keys, M!Table automatically sets the focus to the next cell for which nothing or 0 is returned in response to this message.

Beware: Don't call any function that would change the focus cell directly or indirectly within the handler of this message - the results were unpredictable!

See also
Cell mode

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