Extended edit alignment

With M!Table you can define the edit alignment of cells, columns and rows.
To set the edit alignment for a particular item ( e.g. a cell ), simply set the appropriate edit alignment flags:

Column Flags

Row Flags

Cell Flags

Hints and tips

Effective edit alignment
When M!Table must determine the effective edit alignment of a cell, it does following:
1. Check if the flag TBL_Flag_EditLeftJustify is set. If yes, the alignment is left.
2. Check if the cell has an edit alignment flag. If yes, use it.
3. Check if the column has an edit alignment flag. If yes, use it.
4. Check if the row has has an edit alignment flag. If yes, use it.
5. Use the default alignment.

With MTblDefineEffCellPropDet you can control how the effective edit alignment is determined, e.g. you can define that M!Table checks the row flags prior to the column flags.

Checkboxes and popup edits
The alignment of check boxes and popup edits aren't modified.

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