Custom images

With M!Table you can define individual images for almost every table item.
You have to use image handles returned by M!Image functions, handles returned by VicPicLoad or by API functions don't work.
Please refer to the M!Image documentation for further details.


MTblSetCellImage / MTblGetCellImage / MTblQueryCellImageFlags
MTblSetCellImageExp / MTblGetCellImageExp / MTblQueryCellImageExpFlags

Column header
MTblSetColumnHdrImage / MTblGetColumnHdrImage / MTblQueryColumnHdrImageFlags

Column header group
MTblSetColHdrGrpImage / MTblGetColHdrGrpImage / MTblQueryColHdrGrpImageFlags

Row header
MTblSetRowFlagImage / MTblGetRowFlagImage / MTblQueryRowFlagImageFlags

MTblSetCornerImage / MTblGetCornerImage / MTblQueryCornerImageFlags

MTblSetNodeImages / MTblGetNodeImages

Image flags
Image flags



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